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    15 Sep 2020

    Strategic partnership with Leadinfo – Identify and leverage B2B website traffic

    A transparent evaluation of B2B traffic helps your company generate new leads and track potential customers’ website visits. While the analysis and attribution of website visitors are often very difficult with conventional tracking tools such as Google Analytics, ProPerforma GmbH, together with its software partner Leadinfo, can provide you with individual support for your data evaluation and enable you to make direct customer contact.

    What is B2B Traffic?

    B2B traffic is the visit of a potential corporate customer to a website. With the help of the transparent and privacy-compliant evaluation of your website traffic via Leadinfo, you gain important information for marketing your products and services. The Leading tool makes it possible to track how long a visitor stays on the website, which pages they visit during their session, and receive initial relevant information on company and contact data. Furthermore, Leadinfo creates an automated lead score that simplifies an evaluation of contact relevance. Based on the interactive monitoring, you can profitably develop and optimize new strategies for customer acquisition.

    How does Leadinfo work?

    Leadinfo is software that, based on publicly available IP ranges of company networks, can assign the respective company data and thus provide transparent information about the company’s website visitors. In doing so, the software refers exclusively to publicly accessible data (e.g. commercial register) and can thus be used in a data protection-compliant manner.
    For this, Leadinfo assigns a lead score to each website visitor based on the total time spent visiting the website. This way, irrelevant contacts can be filtered and sorted out. In the created multifunctional dashboard, additional annotations and labels can be added to best support the internal use of the available data.

    How can Leadinfo be used for internal business intelligence processes?

    ProPerforma also uses this tool in the area of business intelligence consulting. The combination of detailed customer information via Leadinfo and the efficient use of business-relevant data enables targeted customer contact and the adaptation of website content to the interests of potential customers, taking into account the respective company goals. This optimization of business intelligence consulting of ProPerforma will guarantee your long-lasting business success and the increase of your sales.

    How you can benefit from Leadinfo


    • DSGVO compliant use
    • Easy integration & usage
    • Free trial (14 days)
    • Better understanding of B2B website traffic
    • Optimization of your marketing channels
    • BVDW member
    • Clear user dashboard


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