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    18 Jul 2019

    GO-DIGITAL support program: ProPerforma GmbH authorizes itself as a consulting company

    In the module “Digital Market Development”, ProPerforma GmbH is authorized as a consulting company for small and medium-sized enterprises after a thorough examination by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. With expertise, it is in the interest of ProPerforma GmbH in the areas of digital transformation and management consulting as well as in business intelligence to advise companies competently.

    In the module “Digital Market Development”, ProPerforma GmbH is authorized to develop an Internet presence for marketing the company and to set up a target-oriented online marketing strategy. In doing so, they are allowed to accompany small and medium-sized companies, which have less than 100 employees and generate an annual balance sheet of fewer than 20 million euros in the year the contract is signed, in the creation of their online store and give introductions to the use of external auction, sales or service platforms. Included is support in various social media tools, content marketing, and website monitoring. Go-digital can fund up to 50% of the costs incurred – the funding itself is given in terms of workload and consultant days, which are determined by the authorized consultants. The goal is to provide the many aspects of online marketing with competent and professional advice.

    In addition to the “Digital Market Development” module, the go-digital support program also includes the “Digital Business Processes” and “IT Security” modules to generate tailored support and consulting services that are geared to the requirements and needs of the respective company.

    You can find out more information here. Or download the information sheet on the go-digital support program and the other requirements for support: Download

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