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    25 Aug 2020

    Business intelligence consulting: for the efficient use of business-relevant data

    Professional business intelligence consulting helps companies systematically process and visualize their business-relevant data to significantly facilitate the company’s decision-making processes. Whereas in the past it was only large companies that optimized their business activities in this way, SMEs are now also relying on the advantages of business intelligence consulting. ProPerforma GmbH supports you with targeted solutions and individual consulting for the digital transformation of your company.


    The recipe for success: efficient use of data

    The systematic collection, preparation, and evaluation of company data taking into account the current status and the company’s own goals and perspectives help companies to create a transparent basis for decision-making. Strategic decisions can be made based on the performance indicators generated, such as the focus on specific target markets. Thus, Business Intelligence provides companies with a clear competitive advantage by efficiently utilizing the available data and potentials.


    Long-term and sustainable business intelligence consulting from Cologne, Germany

    ProPerforma GmbH focuses on long-term and sustainable consulting services for its customers. The BI experts at the Cologne-based company aggregate relevant company data and prepare it for the customer by modulating and visualizing it. To make the company’s performance measurable and to identify unused potential, so-called KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are agreed with the customer. On this transparent basis, ProPerforma develops strategies for digitizing business models and intelligent software solutions that perfectly reflect the customer-specific requirements of the respective company. To ensure that the implementation of the software applications, whose effort and complexity place considerable demands on the employees, is successful, the digital management consultancy from Cologne provides support with the necessary knowledge and experience. A broad partner network supports them in this and allows their customers to always have access to up-to-date know-how and the latest solutions in the field of business intelligence.

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